MIFARE® Plus полностью совместима с продукцией MIFARE® Classic 1 K / 4 K, что подтверждается сертификатом института сертификации и лицензирования MIFARE® Certification Institute. Это позволяет начать выпускать продукцию по новой технологии одновременно с общим апгрейдом системы. Серия MIFARE® Family включает MIFARE® Ultralight Family, MIFARE® Classic Family, MIFARE® Plus Family, MIFARE® DESFire Family. Подробнее на странице используемые микросхемы.


What is the Difference Between Active and Passive Technology?

The main difference between RFID active technology and RFID passive technology is the presence of a battery inside active transponders. This battery allows to increase the transmission power and consequently also the reading distance. Instead, passive technology, in order to propagate the electromagnetic field uses a condenser that, once load, generates the electromagnetic field which…

Customer Negotiation

RFIDHY Customer Negotiation Practice

  RFIDHY morning meeting which is held in June 22, 2016 by our foreign sales director Christy engage a spectacular race about Customer Negotiation. Our production designer Wen and Ting act as our Bathing Centre customers and our RFID System Integrator respectively, and they need to purchase disposable plastic wristband and silicone wristbands separately. Sophia…