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Специалисты компании HUAYUAN специалисты в производстве пластиковых карт, контактные карт с микросхемами,RFID-датчиков пассивного типа, NFC-решений, бесконтактных карт, с опытом применения в большинстве сфер их использования.

RFID Tag Simplifies Commercial Laundry System for People with Disabilities

“Being a part of the FOVAHM organization alone is a true honor, and we are now also seeing beneficial business results of using RFID technology,” said Bertrand Gross, Director of the mARTigny boutique-hotel. “Accurately managing linen lifecycles and inventory save us valuable resources, and our management is able to focus on providing superb hospitality to…


Malaysia Will Begin Implementing RFID Tracking Tags On Vehicles Starting Next Year

With an expected rise of the total number of registered vehicles in Malaysia to 28 million by 2018, a 5.3 percent increase from 2012, the government, along with the Road Transport Department (JPJ), plans to implement the use of RFID-enabled road-tracking stickers on vehicles. The intention for using radio-frequency identification is to better enable government…


Florida High School Students Use RFID To Detect Guns Entering Buildings

At the Scheck Hillel Community Day School in Miami, Fla., three high school freshmen were recently assigned a capstone project in their STEM class that challenged them to use technology to solve a real-life problem. Esther Benasayag, Albert Wolak and Abraham Woldenberg looked to the headlines for inspiration, and they immediately recognized the issue of…