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Специалисты компании HUAYUAN специалисты в производстве пластиковых карт, контактные карт с микросхемами,RFID-датчиков пассивного типа, NFC-решений, бесконтактных карт, с опытом применения в большинстве сфер их использования.

Checkpoint Systems Announces C&A International RFID Roll-Out With Full DC Integration

Checkpoint Systems, Inc.a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, today announced that it is rolling out its RFID solution to C&A’s 164 stores in France, together with full distribution center (DC) RFID integration. Having successfully introduced the technology in Germany and recently added RFID source tagging to new product categories,…


RFID Wristbands Score at Super Bowl Parties

Montreal-based startup Connect&Go distributed more than 35,000 RFID-enabled wristbands for VIP Super Bowl parties last week, including a concert headlined by Dave Mathews and Pharrel Williams. The RFID wristbands allowed attendees to access different zones and utilize cashless payment systems at the massive pop-up nightclub on Pier 70. “This means patrons could connect their credit…