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RFIDHY Ваш надежный источник информации о мире RFID (radio frequency identification) технологий.

Специалисты компании HUAYUAN специалисты в производстве пластиковых карт, контактные карт с микросхемами,RFID-датчиков пассивного типа, NFC-решений, бесконтактных карт, с опытом применения в большинстве сфер их использования.

Using MIFARE® Products for Your Event Ticketing

MIFARE® Products for Event ticketing Benefits Faster, easier and more convenient access for visitors/participants Reduction of ticket jams, fraud and system maintenance costs Available as seasonal cards, pre-paid cards and limited-use tickets Key products MIFARE® DESFire MIFARE® Plus MIFARE® Ultralight Key advantages Paper becoming smart – Smart Visitor Badges Cashless, ticketless events made possible by…


NFC Convenience for the Mobile Device Industry

NFC is entering the consumer technology mass market and is about to revolutionize everyday activities bringing a new era of transaction and personal mobility into our daily life. Based on 13.56 MHz Radio Frequency technology, Near Field Communication provides extended wireless uses cases to mobile devices. Considering existing mobile and contactless infrastructures, Near Field Communication devices increase…


What is the Difference Between Active and Passive Technology?

The main difference between RFID active technology and RFID passive technology is the presence of a battery inside active transponders. This battery allows to increase the transmission power and consequently also the reading distance. Instead, passive technology, in order to propagate the electromagnetic field uses a condenser that, once load, generates the electromagnetic field which…


Why Choosing an RFID Waste Management System?

Improved waste collection, recycling and return on investment with vehicles via RFID Worm Tag. > Reduce contamination in landfill > Increase recycling to meet the Governments towards zero waste initiative > Increase ratepayer value > Process improvements for council and waste contractor > Online real-time information sharing > Potential hazard warning system > Basic navigation system > Curbside assist Other benefits > Industrial…