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RFIDHY Ваш надежный источник информации о мире RFID (radio frequency identification) технологий.

Специалисты компании HUAYUAN специалисты в производстве пластиковых карт, контактные карт с микросхемами,RFID-датчиков пассивного типа, NFC-решений, бесконтактных карт, с опытом применения в большинстве сфер их использования.

Four Reasons Why the Internet of Things Needs NFC?

Energy savings. Better health and fitness tracking. Greater convenience. Improved security. The Internet of Things is already providing these and other major benefits to early-adopting consumers who have invested in connected security systems, thermostats, lighting, wearables, and appliances. And there’s much more to come; according toJuniper Research, there will be 38.5 billion connected devices by…



Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless communication standard similar to BLE or Wi-Fi, but works over short range typically 10cm or less. NFC is a radio frequency (RF) signal initiated by an active NFC device such as a smartphone or reader, and another active or passive device such as an NFC tag to…


Why Using RFID In Manufacturing or Operations?

Manufacturers are challenged by globalization, increased competition and margin compression. They must continuously work to drive costs down, increase asset utilization and reduce material expenses, while at the same time address market demands for faster delivery, better customer service, higher quality and the ever increasing mix of customized configurations for their products. WIP (Work in…