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RFIDHY Ваш надежный источник информации о мире RFID (radio frequency identification) технологий.

Специалисты компании HUAYUAN специалисты в производстве пластиковых карт, контактные карт с микросхемами,RFID-датчиков пассивного типа, NFC-решений, бесконтактных карт, с опытом применения в большинстве сфер их использования.

The True Benefits of RFID

Overall, RFID technology enables businesses to automate labor-intensive processes, authenticate and safeguard their goods, and achieve both real-time inventories and asset visibility. The primary benefit of RFID tags over barcodes is the simultaneous and automatic reading of multiple RFID tags, while barcodes must be visible and scanned manually one-by-one. RFID tags can be read or…


RFID Helps for Inventory and Warehouse Management

Using RFID to improve and modernize inventory and warehouse management is not something new. However, with the expertise of SSI, implementing RFID in inventory and warehouse management is never easier than before. What can RFID helps? RFID Warehouse Shelves Storage areas Dock door Container yard RFID Pallet Tracking RFID Container Management Trailers Management Forklifts Management…


Top 10 RFID Brand Activations for Sporting Events

As the world becomes increasingly digital and brand partnerships are the mainstay of live events, organisers are tasked with finding innovative ways to connect brands with their audiences. Brand partners are now looking to amplify interactive sponsorships with measureable results, as traditional activations such as product sampling, logo and ad placements fail to provide the…


RFID Drives Efficiency for Kia Vehicle Finishing and Shipment

U.K. logistics provider Paragon Automotive is employing a radio frequency identification solution to track Kia vehicles near the Port of Immingham, on England’s east coast, as vehicles are painted or otherwise modified, stored and then shipped to retail locations. The system consists of Paragon’s own management software, a combination of mobile and fixed RFID readers,…